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Comparison of Popular Online Survey Tools

Online surveys can be a huge help in understanding what your constituents think and how successful your programs are, without breaking your budget.  A number of low cost online tools provide easy interfaces for building surveys and viewing reports online.  These packages can be a great fit for smaller surveys where advanced question types, survey logic and results analysis are not required.  There are various sites for performing Online Survey.  Some of them are:

  • SurveyMonkey
  • SurveyGizmo
  • Questionpro
  •  Polldaddy
  •  Limesurvey
  •  eSurveyspro


SurveyMonkey is a web surveydevelopment cloud based (SaaS) company.  SurveyMonkey is the world’s most popular online survey tool.  With this it is easy to send free surveys, polls, questionnaires, customer feedback and market research.  A survey is done in three steps using SurveyMonkey:

1)      Build one’s own surveys or choose from given template.
2)      Choose how to distribute and collect responses.
3)      Analysing the survey by powerful analytical tools for intelligent insights.

In SurveyMonkey data can be collected via web-link, email, Facebook, or embed on site/ blog.  In 2012, SurveyMonkey had 14 million users.  It has acquired three other survey tools Precision Polling, Wufoo, and Zoomerang as well as a stake in the UK-based Clicktools.

The domain is almost 14 years old.  According to ranking data, the site is ranked 522 in term of Global web traffic.


SurveyGizmo is a web-based software company giving researchers, small and big companies a powerful tool to create online surveys, questionnaires and forms.  This online survey software is easy to learn and use.  SurveyGizmo comes with dozens of beautifully designed themes for surveys on computers and mobile devices.  SurveyGizmo’s reporting and analytics tools allow in analysing data quickly and share it with other decision makers easily.

The company serves 300,000 customers in 144 counties in marketing and market research.  In 2011, Inc.  Magazine ranked SurveyGizmo as 13th fastest growing software company in United States and 144th fastest growing company overall.

The domain is 8 years old.  According to ranking data, the site is ranked 5,996 in term of global web traffic.


QuestionPro is web based software for creating and distributing surveys.  It consists of an intuitive wizard interface for creating survey questions; tools for distributing your survey via email or website; and tools for analysing and viewing the results.  The software allows users create complex questionnaire design including skip patterns, required response, missing responses, random presentation of questions and field validation.  It makes analysis easy with a full set of reporting features such as real-time summary, pivot tables, segmentation tools, trend analysis, and text analytics.  The reports can be exported directly to Excel, SPSS, or CSV.

It offers a rich set of resources on how to put a survey together, narrow on target respondent audience and interpret the results without having to learn fancy statistical tests.  QuestionPro is used in the ‘Do it Yourself” research that is used by various organisations and professionals.

The domain is 13 years old.  According to ranking data, the site is ranked 17,839 in term of global web traffic.


LimeSurvey is an advanced online survey system to create quality online surveys.  The software is downloaded and used by companies, universities and individuals all over the world.  LimeSurvey is an Open Source Software providing a wide range of optional services for its users.  These services include fully serviced LimeSurvey hosting, remote support contracts, custom code development and consulting.  Our customers range from individual researchers up to company training departments and universities.

LimeSurvey is a web application that is installed to the user’s server.  After installation users can manage LimeSurvey from a web-interface.  LimeSurvey allows users to create and host surveys, for general data gathering purposes.  The layout and design of the survey can be modified under a template system.  Once a survey is finalized, the user can activate it, making it available for respondents to view and answer.  Likewise, questions can also be imported and exported through the editor interface.  LimeSurvey has no limit on the number of surveys a user can create, nor is there a limit on how many participants can respond.  LimeSurvey also provides basic statistical and graphical analysis of survey results.

The domain is 7 years old.  According to ranking data, the site is ranked 1,335,446 in term of global web traffic.


PollDaddy provides polling and survey widgets to over 300,000 users around the world.  Creating surveys, polls, and quizzes can be done in minutes.  Collection of responses via website, e-mail, iPad, Facebook, and Twitter is also possible.  It generates easy-to-read reports.  The polls are used on Social networks, blogs, corporate websites, and so on.  With CSS wizardry the surveys can be customized like changing font, colour; adding HTML, images and videos.

The domain is 7 years old.  According to ranking data, the site is ranked 9,395 in term of global web traffic.


eSurveysPro is an online poll and survey tool for Web pages.  With this complex and simple surveys/polls can be created, and real-time results are viewed.  eSurveysPro has many of the same features that more expensive software solutions offer and can be got in the free account type.  With eSurveysPro, online survey software for professional web surveys, all the data needed and wanted can be had from an easy 3 step process.  With survey editor feature the surveys can be designed easily and survey flow can also be controlled.  A mailing system is used to send and track email invitations for the survey.  Also a link can be placed anywhere on the website.  Reports are used to summarize and analyse responses to streamline the answers.  Data can be exported into Excel or SPSS offline for processing.

Launched in 2006, eSurveyPro with many added features is a good survey software solution on web.  According to ranking data, the site is ranked 141,019 in term of global web traffic.

Each online survey tool uses a different model.  The decision to use any of them should be based on how well they meet the needs of the working project and available budget.  With a little care, we can choose a suitable tool that will make it easy to collect and analyse data.