Case Study - Contact Database Building

Case Study - Contact Database Building

A restaurant chain with multiple locations in the US wanted to find new ways to expand their contact database. This was to improve the reach of their seasonal promotions to the target audience to get better results out of such promotions.


The restaurant wanted to find new customers and market their products to them. The restaurant had tried many ways to create a larger customer database, without buying lists. It was then that DART came into the picture and helped the client acquire additional new contacts by improvising the customer interaction with the website.


DART found that the best way to acquire new email addresses is by requiring customers to input their contact information when redeeming limited-time deals and promotions, which the restaurant frequently posts on its website. There are situations where customers were reluctant to leave their email ids. Earlier the restaurant collected email ids of its customers through the traditional comment cards, which was a very slow process. DART monitored such database and identified email ids through our data research methods. Over a period of three months, DART could source 3,000 valid email ids by adopting the above methods combined with tracking such users through social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Through these tools, the company has been successful in creating a larger database.

DART’s Contact Database Building services

DART’s contact database building services identify new prospective customers for the products and services the client is offering. DART conducts this process through data research, feedback forms, promotional offers, email campaigns, and through other online methods such as advertisements and even off-line promotions. DART customizes these services based on the objectives of the client.

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