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Finance function is the key to the success of any enterprise. The financial health of an enterprise is important for its survival as well as for continuous growth. Mostly, the creative solutions combined with concerted effort are needed to meet the market competition and comply with regulatory functions. Such solutions will result in improved bottom line, better management of working capital, and realization of surplus resources for reinvestment. When these functions are ignored or keep it as backburner, it impacts business’ well-being in the long term.

As businesses evolve corporate structuring and valuation needs internal reviews and understanding. These are typically event based, and one needs the service of an expert for listing or onboarding investors or for raising debt.

Financial Advisory & Virtual CFO Services are available as one-time advisory function or as ongoing support. Mostly, the onetime advisory assignments are needed to fix broken parts of the finance function or implement a soft change such as processes/controls or to deal with hard processes such as GST/Regulator Compliance. The ongoing assignments take care of the ownership of the delivery finance function, while the core day to day jobs still stay within the company.

DART Services for Enterprise Companies

We provide Financial Advisory services which one can avail as one-time advisory or as an ongoing support. We provide services for corporate structuring and valuation as well. Our service will be available for listing or onboarding investors or for raising debt. We deliver better reporting and MIS, and help to develop a culture where controls are inherent in the process. This will result in a framework where budgets and business go each other and make the statutory compliance natural to the business processes. We help to add technology where needed for such compliance. Our offerings could be one stop shop for all your financial advisory and accounting needs.

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Case Studies

Business Plan - Aluminium Wire Rods

A Bahrain based aluminium wire rod manufacturer was proposing to open a facility to manufacture aluminium wire rods. The proposal was to manufacture wires for domestic consumption in the beginning, and thereafter wants to expand across GCC and neighboring countries.

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Fund Raising for Celebrity Events

Every business, big or small, requires a business plan or a blue print or a working plan that explains where you are now, where you want to be and your strategy for growth. A business plan is a blueprint of the steps you need to take to build that business.

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