Case Study - Event Research and Business Promotion

Case Study - Event Research and Business Promotion

An event is a public assembly for the purpose of celebration, education, marketing or reunion. An event can be either a social or a life cycle event such as a birthday, wedding, engagement, anniversary, graduation day and similar events. Education and career events conduct education fairs, job fairs, workshops, seminars, debates, contests, competitions. Sports events include events like wrestling matches, marathons etc.

Beer and Wine Festivalss

A Beer Festival is an organised event during which a variety of beers and other alcoholic drinks are available for tasting and purchase. Beer festivals are held in a number of countries. Annual wine festivals celebrate viticulture. Such events occur after the harvest of the grapes in September and October. They are common in most wine regions around the world and are.


Problems The State of Oregon, USA had its events on Wine and Beer and a client needed a comprehensive list of all the wine, beer and spirit festivals/events in the state of Oregon. The client wanted information like name of event, date of event, application deadline, and person to contact for registration or sign up, and contact details.


DART Analysts listed out wine, beer and spirit festivals in the State of Oregon that meet the following criteria: 1. Events where the client could easily sell their products. 2. Events related to the geographic locations -Eugene/Springfield, Corvallis/Albany, Salem and Portland DART researched to locate the events falling within the above criteria. After listing out the events, our Analysts downloaded each event’s brochure to find the required details. An example of such work is as follows:

DART’s Event Research Services

DART conducts data mining and capturing, data analysis, and online research to extract useful information from recorded data. DART has gained extensive experience in data mining and surfing large amounts of data. DART has developed expertise in navigating through related documents to extract data, compile and create reports per the client requirements.

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