Case Study - Set up a Mall or Not?


Situation The last ten years have witnessed an improvement in standards of living in most of the cities in India. A new lifestyle evolved over the last few years, and most of the cities were spotted with malls and cinema halls. The general public, even those belonging to Tier II and Tier III cities, have started increasingly visiting malls, cinema halls, restaurants etc. Malls, cinema halls, restaurants and other entertainment public venues are rapidly being opened up across the country. One such promoter of a Mall was in a dilemma if they need to venture into small cities after taking the cue from their success in major cities.

Setup a Mall or Not?

DART brought together a team with specific skill sets to accomplish the objectives as per client’s pre-defined guidelines and expectations. DART deployed its market research team to device an overall strategy interlaced with specific time-bound milestones that each team-member need to achieve. In this way, the project was split up into specific tasks. The project Lead was assigned the task of compiling the report into a final format that maintained logical flow and met the overall project objectives. DART performed an analysis of the real estate industry in the City. This included the description of the major Malls present in the city, major attractions and advantages of the market. We also analyzed the organized retail market in the City, by analyzing the presence of a few renowned brands in the malls, on the basis of metrics like total footfalls, conversion rates, class of people visited by etc. We studied the average rentals drawn by the malls, the vacancy rate, the occupancy rate, and the expected performance of the malls. We analyzed the features of the major cinema halls present in the city. DART performed brief analysis on the vacancy rate, the occupancy rate, consumer behavior, and consumer spending habit.

Optimum Solution through Effective Market Research

We met the client’s expectations in the best possible manner. We delivered the report after conducting primary research and secondary research. Our facts were accurate, and our team of experts analyzed the facts and data collected to provide an in-depth analysis. By virtue of effective project management skills, DART was able to deliver a high quality business research report within the strict timeline. After performing all analysis, we advised client if they need to open a mall in the City or not. For this, we highlighted the factors that support the launch of a mall or cinema hall, and the factors that go against opening the mall or cinema hall. After analyzing various possibilities our team suggested the client to adopt a cautious approach. Thereafter, the client adopted an innovative model in tie up with other providers to launch the mall in the City.

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DART has delivered 1000+ market research projects across various sectors and countries in 7 years. These reports carry an analysis of the economic environment, industry, industry trends, industry future projections, and the regulatory environment. The reports are rich in content, with a lot of facts & figures, charts and tables.

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