Case Study - Business Plan – POV Cameras

Point Of View (POV) cameras are attached to your clothing, body, equipment, or vehicle. These enable you to capture events on video from a specific point of view, while keeping your hands free. POV cameras can be mounted directly onto helmets, skis, goggles, bikes, motorcycles, cars, airplanes, boats and pretty much anything else. POV cameras have become extremely popular among sporting enthusiasts, hunting and wildlife observation, driving recorders and of course for social networking. Filmmakers, TV production companies, and news organizations have begun to incorporate HD POV camera footage into their films, shows and reports to provide viewers with firsthand experiences that were not possible earlier.


Problems The client, based in the Pacific Northwest, is a newly founded company that was established in 2011. It provides 1080p HD point of view camera (POV) for the outdoors and action sports enthusiasts. The company’s first model was sold in 30 days. The company is slated to release a second generation camera in end 2013. The camera will be the first mass marketed 1080p HD wide-angle point of view camera to include a built in real time LCD with rewind, fast-forward, and pause and playback features. Also included is a handheld remote and laser alignment. During the launch, the camera will be sold online only on their website. The client will make the product available in 200 specialty shops nationwide by December 2013.


DART was the obvious choice for the client who wanted a detailed business plan. DART used its expertise in preparing business plans to create one for the client. The report covered the features of the proposed product, the demographic analysis of the target market for the product, an analysis of the competitors present in the market and the POV camera industry review. DART suggested what the company’s ideal business model sales and promotional strategy, decided what should be the start up schedule, and the financial projections. This will serve as a guideline or a blueprint for the proposed business; and help the company when the company faces a dilemma in understanding its goals, strategies, and plans.

DART’s Business Plan Services

DART has expertise in preparing business plans of various sectors and countries. The reports are rich in content, with a lot of facts & figures, charts and tables. DART Analysts carry out detailed analysis sections like economy analysis, industry analysis, industry trends analysis, future projections, SWOT analysis etc. Data for the business plan is collected from various publicly available reports like annual reports, investor presentations, news articles, press releases, research reports, and the internet.

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