Case Study - Education Technology

Case Study - Education Technology


The growth in technology has prompted schools, colleges and other educational institutes to provide technology based learning methodologies. The educational institutes introduced educational products to aid the teaching process. The latest technology in teaching creates a modern learning environment for students in the classroom. Videos, interactive simulations, interactive whiteboards and learning objects enhance comprehension of curriculum and generate interest amongst students and teachers. Teachers can use their knowledge of the subject matter, and technology to facilitate experiences that advance student learning, creativity, and innovation in both face-to-face and virtual environments. Adoption of technologies helps teachers collaborate with students, peers, parents and community members


The technology in education was a trend noted in the year 2010 which turned out to be an attractive venture for VC funding. The success of a few firms in the industry drove the interest of the VC firms. One such enterprising company contracted DART to analyze the market before moving ahead with the business plan. Our Analysts offered a comprehensive study of the market and analyzed the top 10 firms in the industry. In order to prepare the market research report, DART undertook an analysis of the existing firms, background of promoters, services and product offerings, publishing partners, VC partners, investments, and size of the company. DART also looked into the business model of competitors and their promotional methods. The market research report provided an overview of the education technology market, the key trends and vital facts about education technology and teacher training, the myths in the education industry about how effective technology is at improving teacher training, the competitive analysis of the key players in this sector, a list of firms to watch out for in the industry, regulatory policies, and the risks associated with the industry

DART’s Market Research Services

DART has an expertise in performing competitive analysis and drawing logical conclusions that help make sound decisions in times of uncertainty. DART adopts a methodological approach in collecting data from various publicly available reports like annual reports, investor presentations, news articles, press releases, and the internet. The team at DART possesses a strong analytical mind and business sense.

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