Financial Analysis

Financial Analysis is the process of evaluation of financial information of a company. This is normally done to evaluate businesses or projects to determine its suitability for investment.

The Benefits of Financial Analysis

Financial analysis helps clients to identify the financial strengths and weaknesses of a company or project. The results of a financial (or accounting) analysis can help management decide how to proceed with a specific investment or project.

DART Financial Analysis

DART offers the following cost-effective financial analysis services to clients:

QuickBooks Services: Our QuickBooks team provides services in setting up QuickBooks accounts, performing periodical entries, analysing the data and providing monthly reports.

Analysis of Income sheet, Cash flow and Balance sheets: We assess companies based on ratios related to liquidity, working capital management, capital structure, profitability and other such metrics. Income, balance sheet and cash flow preparation and forecasting: We prepare income sheet, balance sheet and cash flow statements for start-up firms.

Estimation of cost of capital: For start-up firms often the cost of capital has to be assumed or calculated because the cost of equity is unknown. We help firms calculate the actual cost of capital by analyzing various industry benchmarks and competition.

Valuation of a company using DCF (Discounted Cash Flow) Method: Our team is experienced in performing company valuations. We survey the competition to estimate the growth rate, cost of capital, and profit margins to arrive at an optimum valuation.

Net Present Value & IRR analysis: We evaluate individual projects using NPV method and IRR methods.

Calculation of beta coefficient of stocks and analysis: We help clients calculate the beta coefficient of the stock and analyze the future performance of the stocks.

Financial modeling of stock returns: Stock market returns depend on such macro-economic variables as interest rates, Forex rates, and other similar metrics. We can devise customized financial models based on multivariate regression analyses to forecast stock market returns.

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