Case Study - Petrol Station cum Convenience Store

Case Study - Petrol Station cum Convenience Store

Petrol Station with Store has become very common nowadays. Petrol pumps are increasingly opening up convenience stores as a strategic plan to attract more visitors to their premises. This concept has been widely accepted amongst consumers, especially travelers, as they like to eat and drink, get refreshed, and buy supplies on their journey.


An Australia based Petrol Station cum Convenience Stores group wanted to expand their business. The Company has been operating in parts of Australia for the last seven years. The company wanted DART to prepare a business plan that it would present to bankers and venture capitalists for further expansion and funding. The company wanted DART to conduct a market study as part of the business plan, and also suggest appropriate growth strategies for the new market.


The business plan was prepared to cover the Australia Petrol Station cum Convenience Store market. The business plan has given a brief overview of the current Australia market. It also narrates about the company’s plans for expansions. The business plan highlights the proposed organization structure of the company, and defines the short term and the long term objectives of the company. The market research conducted by DART includes an analysis of the Australia economy, the fuel consumption pattern in Australia over the last few years, the transport mode usage of fuel over the years, and the fuel retail market. DART has conducted a comprehensive competition analysis. The business plan details the brands present in the market and their profiles. It includes what services these brands could provide. DART has provided the market pulse of all these brands by presenting the data in a structured manner that highlights the results of a survey conducted amongst the users in the recent past. This report Rates these brands on the basis of overall satisfaction, price of petrol, service, range of other items, appearance and cleanliness, and facilities. We have provided an analysis of retail chains in Australia, which gives a picture of what features general consumers consider while choosing a convenience store. The criteria identified were price, service, and overall purchasing experience. As coffee is one of the most common and favorite beverages of people, we have also analyzed the coffee shop brands in Australia. In this business plan, we have also provided a section on the latest news and trends in this sector in Australia. We have provided for the Michael Porter Five Forces Competition Analysis also which gives a broader picture of how the company is placed amongst the various supply chain players in the industry. DART has identified the target segment which helps the company to target, and understand their needs as well. DART has formulated the pricing strategy, the business model, and the promotion and sales strategies for the company as well. The business plan also includes the regulatory issues in Australia, and the norms relating to a new company registration. It includes the employment laws and the immigration laws as well. The business plan identifies the critical risk factors which the company may likely to face. A detailed financial analysis section was done which includes financial forecasts for the next five years. We have arrived at the financial projections after making several assumptions and conducting financial research.

DART’s Business Plan Services

DART has been providing business plans since the last seven years. DART has proven its expertise in preparing business plans that belong to various countries and industries. DART provides a detailed analysis of the market for the product or service of the client. DART Analysts possess the ability to customize the research philosophy based on a client’s requirement. The reports include market analysis, target customer analysis, and an analysis of the venture as well.

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