Use data analysis as a strategic tool to manage information and to achieve growth.

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Transform raw data into knowledge through our research process.

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Analyse existing business problems to develop strategic plans for growth.

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Digitization has evolved as integral part of every industry.

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We have the expertise in performing business research, competitive analysis, and developing strategic business plans. We have the competency to develop score board about your business at any point of time. We provide an overall view about your market position with accurate market data.

DART Analysts work with clients to select right strategy to avoid the usual mistakes in the market place. This is achieved by careful selection of competitors, analyzing their performance, and providing an insight about the latest market trends. We further help in defining goals and objectives for the business.

DART’s Business Plan Team has years of experience in preparing business plans, and ensure that such plans withstand the market test at all times. Our business plan consists of supporting facts and figures to effectively argument for the purpose of investment and its potential returns. Such business plans are done after careful market research and data analysis.

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DART Views

National Youth Policy of India 2014: Does it Meet Aspirations of Next Gen?

Government has created a youth policy in 2014.What are the programs implemented by the Government in support of the policy? Is there any awareness about this policy among the youth?

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Will Internet of Things become an Opportunity for India?

The topic has generated much hype in India.
Of late lot of entrepreneurs join the IoT fray.
What we need to do to take over this market.

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Market Reports - Forthcoming

Global Automotive Sensors market

Globally, automotive manufacturers are developing and adopting innovative ways to enhance vehicles safety features as well as to offer higher efficiency and comforts to passengers.

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Global Ceramics 3D Printing Market

Ceramics are regarded as an area of robust strategic growth for industrial 3D printing applications.

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